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Hi. I'm James. I like to travel. I like to shoot. I like to edit.

Fashion film-maker, director& digital content producer by day; my career has been firmly placed in the creative sector since the age of 16. Starting out as an audio engineer I worked in a plethora of studios across England & Wales and teaching audio production.

Over the past fifteen years my passion for film has grown immensely which me led me to starting my wedding film company 'Just Say Yes Films'.


The bug didn't stop there though. Being inspired by creative explorers such as Levison Wood, I broadened my scope for film, taking on a multitude of different projects and exploring North America - Particularly British Columbia, which has become my spiritual home. I've had the privilege of shooting/documenting the Subaru Rally Team through an entire event and spending time in the wild on Vancouver Island. One of the most exciting projects I had the privilege of being involved in took place in Iceland in July 2018. I spent three days with a production team commissioned by the BBC filming timelapses and some GV which would go on to feature in an Attenborough documentary.

Through this and my wedding work, I've shot corporate and promotional films and worked on a few music videos. I've also been commissioned to work on social media edits for Pandora and Rock my Wedding.

Film nd Visual Production isn't just a day job for me - I have an unshakeable passion and desire to film and edit, and I take great pride in delivering the final product to all of my clients.

I love chatting film with new people, so if you fancy shooting the shit about an idea or a project you have in mind, just drop me an email.

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